IGG mWeb

Defining the updated mobile experience

Client: Indiegogo       Role: Visual Design & UX       Case Study Source: An Yu (UX)


I worked with a excellend product team to help design our products first mobile-optimized experience – a mobile web version of the campaign page and checkout flow.


Mobile visitors were growing rapidly yet converting poorly because the site was not optimized for mobile at all. The low conversion rate from campaign pages through checkout was especially concerning. The campaign page is where campaigners pitch their ideas to potential funders and where the vast majority of direct traffic lands. As such, it’s the top of a funnel that significantly impacts the company’s bottom line.

The goals for the product were:

  • Increase the conversion rate of mobile visitors through checkout
  • Capture visitors by getting them to follow campaigns
  • Provide an enjoyable experience for mobile visitors and improve brand perception
Before: The unoptimized campaign page

Rebranding the experience

Prior to my involvement their was extensive research done on the project to form the hypothesis that the expected behaviors between mobile and desktop were the same.

The initial wireframes created for the mobile experience

The difficulty with the rebrand on this project was it was stuck at a interim page. We had early concepts of the vision we wanted but not a concrete one. Due to estimated timelines we had to develop a mobile page we felt better optimized existing designs but also giving hints to our potential direction. We had to make a design that would live for about a year before we had to redesign it again with the updated brand.

The first mobile friendly site for our product Campaign flows of the redesign


I worked closely with our engineering team in defining all elements of the brand and translating it into digestable documents and annotations. I worked extensively and paired with developers in maintaining and updating our living style guides as well as working to define proper patters across the teams.

Annotation of design

The results

The new campaign page improved conversion rate to the checkout flow by 9%. The checkout flow optimization itself converted on par with the desktop version and was considered a success for us to continue building off of. Our learnings from this first mobile product helped inform decisions for our subsequent responsive pages and mobile apps.

The experience was a huge winner

The performance of the interim site was so high that when we did the rebranded mobile site it performed poorly against the interim page and heavy modifcations inspired by the interim site was kept to ensure we got the experience to near neutral.